During the prophet healing and deliverance service on the 14th of may 2020, God spoke through his anointed servant, the prophet of liberation “Dr. prophet Emmanuel omale” concerning the future events for the whole world. In his statement, the prophet said:

The Lord opened my eyes to see something and immediately I saw it, there is this kind of fear. The Lord told me big companies will go down. I see billionaires begging for food. I see countries asking for help and I see atrocities all over the world. I see evil and killing increasing. I see young men getting up to challenge the government, and they will not be afraid of being shot. I see them attacking men in uniform. I see hunger and shaking. -Dr. prophet Emmanuel omale

The prophet went further to plead with people to change their ways and ask God for forgiveness

Change your mentality and put your faith in God. God is all in all. Stop complaining about your government. Ask God for ideas, it’s how you use it that will make you successful. The only saviors we have is God and your ideas. -Dr. prophet Emmanuel omale

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God bless you.