As a constant tradition at Divine Hand of God, the service began with a musical ministration by the choir “Heavens Harmony” and was followed by the opening prayer by Pastor Richard Danjuma.

The pastor led the online audience to pray against evil alters and powers of idols. “He commanded any alters and every evil power after member’s destiny; before they were born to catch fire”. He went further to prophesy that “what no one has done in your family, you will be the one to break the record”. “That witchcraft in your father’s house will not stop you, their end is today!”.He quoted the following scriptures: Psalm 11;3, Philippians 4;19.

soon after the opening prayers, the choirs performed more songs, and the service was officially commenced with a brief recap of the events from the previous service and shared testimonies.

One of the testimonies include:

Greetings to you Prophet and your family. I want to thank you again prophet. With your prayers, I’m very very happy. Everything is changed. My job, my marriage. Even in my place, everything is changed. I receive many clients at my salon. I’m very happy. Thank you, my father – From Constance Jagada ( Zimbabwe )

The choir emerges on stage again for a timed performance, before Pastor Mrs. Deborah Omale took over with a poignant message titled; Discover Your Gift; Following were her words of wisdom

A gift is something that you are uniquely born with. Something that you didn’t necessarily go to school for but somehow that is what drives you. Or that is the one thing that motivates you even when you are awoken from sleep, and they ask; what can you do this very minute – Pastor Mrs. Deborah Omale

She quoted the following scriptures: Proverbs 10;4, Hebrews 11;1.
Immediately after her life-changing message, Heaven’s Harmony came up for a spirit-filled worship session to prepare the prophet “Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Omale” for Prophetic ministration.

Below were his declarations and prophecies;

The Lord opened my eyes to see something and immediately I saw it, there is this kind of fear.

The Lord told me big companies will go down.

I see billionaires begging for food.

I see countries asking for help and I see atrocities all over the world.

I see evil and killing increasing.

I see young men getting up to challenge the government, and they will not be afraid of being shot.

I see them attacking men in uniform.

I see hunger and shaking;

Change your mentality and put your faith in God.

God is ALL in ALL.

Stop complaining about your government.

Ask God for ideas, it’s how you use it that will make you successful.

The only saviors we have is God and your ideas.

Where ever you are, ask God for mercy. 

-Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Omale

God told me to tell the whole world to let the government open the worship centers, that is the only solution. Let the government create a law of social distancing and let the people go back to worship and all this mess will turn to victory.

The Lord told me Christians will rejoice, not people with two places. Jesus is the reason why our country is still living today. He says you will not die.

Immediately after this follows the closing benediction by the Resident pastor; Pastor Rest Christopher.

For the full experience, click the attachment below. The Lord bless you, Amen