As was a norm at Divine Hand of God prophetic Ministry International, the prophetic communion and thanksgiving service on the 7th of June 2020 kicked off with sensational music ministration by the choir (Heaven’s Harmony), they charged the atmosphere with power and presence of the holy spirit of God.

Immediately after the choir ministration was a word charge by the resident pastor “Pastor Rest Christopher”, who continued in the existing atmosphere of worship and urged the congregation to “Thank God for his faithfulness, His mercies and for being our sustainer”.

The resident pastor went further to implore the congregations to declare over thereselves saying “I AM UNTOUCHABLE, NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME, WHETHER BY MAN OR BY DEMONS SHALL PREVAIL, AMEN”… He reminded the congregation that “GOD IS NOT SILENT”

After the word charge by the resident pastor, the service was officially opened, with many lives blessed and people with afflictions healed.. Find below the continuation of the service.

Beloved, we would love to have you worship with Us during one of our services at the ministry headquarter, FCT Abuja Nigeria.

Invite all your friends and loved ones, there are miracles more than enough for everyone in the house of God…

God bless you.