As usual, the communion service on the 3rd of may 2020 ticked off in Ernest with the choir ministering a song titled “My Hallelujah belongs to you”. This is immediately followed by an opening prayer by “Pastor Miracle”, He led the congregation to pray for financial breakthrough in their family, and business.

The choir ministered more songs, and with these the service is finally opened with a timed recap of the previous service, it’s events, and how it changed people’s lives. For instance, “” whose mother was delivered; Below is her testimony:

My mother had pains around her heart as the prophet was praying for healing, the pains disappeared. She’s healed. Glory be to the Lord. Amen

– Kelebileone Raphuti from Botswana

The testimony was immediately followed by a beautiful musical ministration by “Moses Bliss” titled “You are the reason“.

Shortly after, the woman of God; Pastor Mrs. Deborah Omale took over the stage, she started by ministering a song titled “You Are Yahweh”. She led the congregation to pray against devilish distraction to overcome all difficulties. She delivered a message titled “Hide behind the Blood”. She quoted some scriptures which are as follows; Exodus 12:7, Exodus 12:13 and Exodus 12:23

I know for some us, we have lost so many of our brothers and sisters. But the lord is telling me that our prayers have been answered. The bible says; it is not by the power of your word, but the grace of God and that is why we are still alive at this time. The Lord said; each time you take the communion, remember all the things I have given you. The most important thing is that you are alive because the Lord is keeping you to fulfill your purpose

We are still alive and well because of the grace of God.

If you have Jesus, even if you are going through the worst, he is still going to give you everything you pray for tenfold.

If you are not special, Jesus would never have died for you.

When you hide behind Jesus, you are made.

Distance is not a barrier, as long as you pray with faith.

Whatever you think you have lost, you will have it back tenfold

– Pastor Mrs. Deborah Omale

And lastly, the woman of God prayed for God’s word to lead us and not the word of man.

Moses Bliss led another musical ministration. He sings a song called “Alagbara” and another titled “Yes, you are the Lord” as the man of God, Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Omale made his way to the altar.

The prophet led the congregation to pray and claim their destinies back. Pray for your fears to turn to your testimony. The testimony that God will give you will make your community praise your name. Anything you call challenges is over this month. What God will put in your hand this month, no devil will take away.

Say; Lord Jesus, this month is my month of increase and celebration. Any evil alters fighting to take that away, be consumed by fire in the name of Jesus. Any pain you’re going though disappears in the name of Jesus. Whatever condition you’re in, by the reason of this communion your condition will change.

Any terminal disease will turn to favor. They tied you down, but whatever they tied you with has been hanging on the cross. Every fear in your life will turn to your confidence, in the name of Jesus.

For more about the service, kindly watch the recorded LIVE session on our social platforms, God Bless You.