During the Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministries Anointing and Impartation service on Thursday the 7th of May 2020, as a usual and unique style by the ministry, the choir (Heaven’s Harmony) ministered a very beautiful and heartwarming song; This was immediately followed by the ‘opening prayer’ led by the resident pastor, Pastor Rest Christopher.

The pastor led the online audience to pray specifically for “Divine Intervention” in everything they set out to do. At the end of the prayer, the pastor declared the service “officially opened” for the day.

The choir once more ministered more worship songs, as they further radiated the atmosphere with power and presence of God; that was immediately followed by the airing of News by the media and a recap of previous activities, and also a reminder of future ones.

The worship ministration was immediately followed by a marvelous ministration by Moses Bliss, after which the woman of God, Pastor Mrs. Deborah Omale took the congregation by storm with a life-changing message titled:

“Discover your Team!…”

She began the message with a song titled “You Are Yahweh”;
Quoting scriptural reference, some of which are:
2 Samuel 23:14
2 Samuel 23: 15-16
Proverbs 10:4
Proverbs 12:24
Proverbs 13:4 and;
Proverbs 19:24

Some of her key points include:

  • Find your Gift
  • Something you are not taught to do.
  • Greatness cannot be attained if you don’t have the right team
  • God has given you wisdom no other man out there has
  • Some people will never let you grow
  • You must have the right team in life
  • Some people are dream killers
  • Never be afraid to start small. Put in dedication and hard work

Soon after her message, Moses Bliss sang worship songs, some of which are; “You’re too faithful to fail me” and “Excess love”.

Immediately after the ministration by Moses Bliss, the prophet of liberation; Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Omale made his way to the altar.

He prayed to God for the viewers worldwide; that :

  • God should Heal our lands
  • God should Change any unacceptable condition of the members
  • God should Protect all the members
  • God should Protect all our families

The prophet of liberation, under the strong influence of the holy spirit, declared to the members of the divine hand of God worldwide and all that is connected to the service that:

  1. They will not lose their future
  2. In their different locations and nations, there will be open deliverance and healing
  3. They shall walk in confidence
  4. Their business will not die
  5. Increase in their career goals
  6. Double blessing
  7. The month shall be a month of a breakthrough for them
  8. Any evil the enemy planted for them shall be uprooted

The prophet went further to pray and DECALRE to all that was connected via any digital platform:

  • If you’re sick, be healed

  • Any darkness after your destiny be removed in the name of Jesus Christ

  • He urged that anything you could not do before, now you should begin to do it

  • Where the enemy tied any member, they are miraculously released in Jesus’ name

  • Every door the enemy closed for any member, he ordered them all to be open

  • – Dr. Prophet Emmanuel Omale

 And so on…

After the prophet ministration, the service was graciously rounded off by brief praise from the choir.

For a more detailed recap on the service, kindly watch the video from the service.

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