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Beloved, we greatly welcome you to Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministries International (DHGPMI) Covenant Partners web page. It is a life changing opportunity to be a member of Covenant Partners of this Ministry. This is an opportunity for you to fulfill the ‘great commission as directed by our Lord Jesus Christ before He ascended to Heaven (Matt. 28:19).

Through DHGPMI, very many people are experiencing the touch of the Holy Spirit in powerful demonstrations of salvation, divine healing, deliverances, liberation and victory over attacks from the devil. We understand that we can do much more together than working alone and for this reason; you are invited to partner with us.

You can watch us on television from anywhere in the world on Divine Hand TV. In the Acts of Apostles, aprons and handkerchief of Apostle Paul made healing available in the name of Jesus Christ anywhere they were taken. Distance is not a barrier to the Holy Spirit. Your miracles can hit you in your home while watching us on television.

Make a Difference

On our part, we respond to anyone’s request for prayer. We faithfully pray for our Covenant Partners daily, particularly for their prosperity, good health and victory over every form of attack from forces of darkness.

From you, we need your material and financial support in all our activities as well as sponsors of
television air time. With your regular monthly or periodic financial commitment to our ministry, we will together, be leading multitudes of people into the life-transforming power of a personal relationship with God. “Not that I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account” (Phil. 4: 17).

The benefit to you is unquantifiable as the anointing God placed upon this Ministry becomes available to you in every area of your life. (Matt. 10:41). Also, you will be a beneficiary of the reward of the Ministry’s labour. (1 Sam. 30:24).

Enroll Now as a Partner

You will be part of a growing number of visionary people who understand that they can do so much more together than can be done alone. Please kindly fill the form below.

For further enquiries about Covenant Partners you can call these lines:
+234 803 848 5929 / +234 809 026 2626 or email us at

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