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our mission is to help people discover and process their inheritance in Christ Jesus. In other words, WE DO THE PRAYER, YOU DO THE BELIEVING AND GOD DOES THE MIRACLES.

  1. To bring purity to all facet of life through righteous living (Proverbs 14:34).
  2. To raise an army of men and women who will rule anywhere they find themselves (Rev 5:10).
  3. To raise an enviable End-time Army for the Lord according to Joel 2:2-11.
  4. To help the widows and the less privileged (James 1:27).
  5. To labour for the unity of the body of CHRIST and reaching the world for CHRIST (John 17:21).
  6.  To raise disciples for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Mark 16:15). 
  7. To raise an army of prayer warriors, who will bring deliverance to Lives, Homes and Nations (Psalm 3:8)


Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministry is an Assembly of Believers, committed to God’s service under the leadership and supervision of the senior prophet (Prophet – Dr Emmanuel Omale). 

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