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Less than a week after the prophecies for 2020 were released during the cross over service of 2019 we have witness the fulfillment of prophecy Number 11 TWO MAJOR MARKETS WILL BE ENGULFED IN FLAMES. TRADERS SHOULD INSURE THEIR SHOPS AND GOODS. Ogbete main market in Enugu State was involved in flames on the 3rd […]

Next Level Encounters

Prophecies for year 2020

I, Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Omale, a chosen vessel of the Most High God have been taken into the heavenly realms. I also visited the watery deep and beheld the glory of our Maker, and He showed me things, most of which pertain to persons and institutions he has allowed to govern his people.


2 days of Unfamiliar move of God

The move of God shall be in an unfamiliar dimension tomorrow “Thursday and Friday remarkably”. Every power that is working against your freedom shall be disgraced and sent into the pit of Tartarus. Invite friends and loved ones. Remain blessed as you come.


Dwings National Women Convention 2019

It is a day long awaited, a gathering of queens. A day of worship, Praise, Prayer and Word An atmosphere of Deliverance, Miracles, signs and Wonders It’s DIVINE ENCOUNTER 2019; the DWINGS National Women Convention Ministering Prophet Dr Emmanuel Omale Pastor Mrs. Deborah Omale Come trusting, come believing, Date: 8th November 2019 Bonus Service by […]


Near Success Syndrome Delivered

The father of the Twin babies was sharing testimonies on how God used Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Omale to deliver him from the spirit of near success syndrome when God ministered to Pastor Mrs. Deborah Omale. The way it happened was nothing but a Surprise to everybody