Do you want to be among the people that God is about to raise this End Time?  those to be empowered financially?

Are you ready to be a Giver? Are you ready to love Humanity? -Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Omale

Jesus Christ gave his own life, so that you and i can have a voice today. 

People have been calling me from all over the world, for me to put the church account details on the Television screen for them to pay their “Offerings and Tithes” into the Ministry Bank Account and God called me “Prophet Omale”, i replied my father, God said “Remove” the church Bank Account from the Television Screen this TIME

God asked me to tell the whole world that the “Tithe and Offerings” that was intended to be brought into his house this period of covid-19 global crisis, should be given to the poor and those in Need.. -Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Omale

Beloved, when the prophet speaks, the wise listens… Feel absolutely free to watch the video of this divine instruction from the prophet below.