RECAP:: Prophetic Anointing and Impartation Service on June 4th, 2020 

After a long stretch since the pandemic and lockdown, the ministry is back in action as the Prophetic Anointing service began with a passionate Call to Worship by Heaven’s harmony with many strains one of which was titled “My hallelujah belongs to you”.

Directly following it was a word charge by the Resident Pastor “Pastor Rest Christopher”; He greeted the assemblage back to worship with the scripture; Romans 1;1.

Your salvation will bring great reward and testimony to you. The reproach the enemy has brought shall disappear from your body in the name of Jesus – Pastor Rest .E Christopher.

Next was the giving of tithe and offering led by Pastor Kalu Aja.

Before receiving the Tithe, the congregation was asked to speak into the token they brought before the Lord:

Father Lord, anything I have lost, let me get it back now. Father thank you for letting us be in your presence again and from today henceforth, Lord, I and my loved ones will never lack again, in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen – Pastor Kalu Aja

The Divine hand of God Choir “Heaven’s Harmony”, came out again for a performance that automatically put many in there dancing shoes; that was shortly before the prophet of liberation, “Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Omale” commenced with his Prophetic Ministration.

I want to assure you that you don’t need to be afraid.

You are safe.

Don’t give up.

 You will not die.

You will not be poor.

You will succeed.

What destroyed others will not destroy you.

I declare change.

All your challenges I declare it to catch fire.

They seize your voice, I release your voice.

The Lord told me an end has come.

That hand that stole your destiny let it drop it down for you

I declare you are protected.

I declare healing.

I declare protection.

Take the anointing.

I see a change in your finances. 

– Pastor Rest .E Christopher

Due to government directives, the service was shortlived and it ended with a closing benediction.

For an extensive encounter, watch the video clip from the service, see you for the next program.

God bless you.